Here’s How To Get 10x More Clients in “1” Week

So if you are reading this, there is a good chance that you are in business or you are thinking of going into one. Everyone knows that the goal of business is lots of profits. And that lots of profits can only come with lots of customers.

You need as many customers as possible if your business is going to be a successful one. The ability to attract 10x more clients in a week is tied to the quality of service that you provide. Achieving that is not hard. All you need to do is to follow the tips I have shared below:

What Problems Does Your Service Fix

It is important that you take a good look at the problems that your service fixes.

List them out and analyze them.

You need to understand what potential customers need in order to fix their problems. This is because there are different levels of the problems customers face.

Some customers have problems but are not keen on fixing them while others are aware of their problems and are actively in search of solutions to them. The latter are the kind of customers that your services should be targeted at.

Once you are able to determine their specific needs, you will be able to provide simple yet effective solutions to these problems.

One thing that you must bear in mind is that the more pressing the problem is, the more value is attached to the solution.

You should also remember that you only offer solutions to problems that you can solve 100%. If you attempt the opposite, you will only end up with disgruntled customers who will be quick to put in a bad word or two.

You definitely do not need that if you want 10x more clients in one week.

Determine the Cost Implications

What are the cost implications of providing these solutions?

Which of the solutions are the most valuable to the clientele and are cost-effective for you?

Providing these solutions should be the focus of your brand.

What next after determining the cost implications?

You fix the pricing of the solution based on your estimation of its value. This helps you ascertain the most profitable solution to deliver to potential clients.

Try as much as possible to avoid saturated markets because they may find providing unique solutions challenging and costly there. 

Focus on one core solution 

Ascertaining the cost implications, value, and pricing of available solutions will lead you to the best solution to deliver. This where you now focus on that one solution that meets your clienteles need at minimal costs to you.

Don’t be deceived that more is better. In this service provider sphere, you are better at delivering services that add value and meet specific needs. Think of your solutions as the antidote to a particular virus instead of a broad spectrum drug for a range of illnesses. Focus on rendering value to a niche or group.

You are better off solving a particular problem expertly than attempting to solve a range of problems without mastering anyone.

Target The Right Clientele

What good is a solution if clients are not willing to pay for it. Your pricing should reflect this. Target that group of clients that are willing and able to pay for the solutions you provide. Do this by fixing prices that reflect the value of your solutions.

Offer Specialist Services

You need to be a specialist in one practice.

Become a renowned expert at meeting a particular need. Let people recognize your brand as a specialist in handling a particular need. When you become the ‘go-to’ brand for issues in that area, word spreads, and with time, the customers will start coming in droves.

Executed Client-based Marketing

The last but not the least step is to design and execute marketing strategies that are targeted at the clients your solutions cater to. This is the best time to have an effective sales funnel or update an existing sales funnel.

When you add quality service to an effective marketing strategy, you will arrive at the formula for getting 10x clients in a week.

You can now boost your business with the tips described here. The ultimate goal of going into business is to make money off a teeming clientele. So why not achieve this goal using the tips here.


Here are a few ways that have helped me to get more clients

1. Find Facebook groups on your niche, join them add value to the group and post your free and piad offers on the promotion days.

2. Create more OFFERS!


4. If you know the art of DMing, do it, it still works.

5. Do 3 days workshops or trainings. Workshops are different from trainings.

6. Do webinars and make offer.


  1. Those who DM you, give them a special discount.
  2. Getting 10x more clients is easier when you have social proof. Collect video testimonials from previous clients.
  3. Go live in your Facebook group at least once a week.
  4. Post at least one sales post in your FB group every week.
  5. Create a freebie and add it to your Fb group description. Make sure the link is in the top fold.

One of the best way to get more clients is to offer them an online course + 1:1 service.

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