Ep 14: From Chocolate Business Owner to successful Online Business Coach – Meet Kavitha Rajeev Kumar

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Welcome to The Guri Show, a Podcast for new or aspiring course creators, coaches, marketers, VAs and thought leaders.

Are you currently running a local business and want to move online to live a life that you desire?

Spend more time with family?

Instead of catering to 1 client an hour, want to cater to 100s and 1000s of people?

if yes, this episode is for you.

Listen to an amazing journey Kavitha Rajeev Kumar had while taking care of her family especially her kids.

Meet Kavitha Rajeev Kumar in this episode on The Guri Show, podcast for new and aspiring coaches, course creators, marketers, VA’s and visionaries.

Kavitha is a B-school lecturer & entrepreneur turned Business Success Strategist for visionary, ambitious women who want it all – the global impact, consistent income, and the freedom lifestyle.

In this episode she shares her journey from a local chocolate business owner based in Kochi, India to becoming a Digital CEO.

17 years ago from now Kavitha left her promising career as a marketing lecturer to take care of her kids. Through these years she has been running her chocolate business and using her skills to grow it. After 17 years she decided to make a come back with her online coaching business.

Take a listen!

She specializes in working with entrepreneurs and small businesses in 2 key phases of their development:

  1. Start Your Business: You have a passion or expertise or skill to do something to contribute meaningfully to the world, and you know you need some help getting started. Kavitha guides you through a proven step-by-step process for developing a clear path, purpose and a game plan for making your idea a reality or turn your knowledge into a profitable online business.
  2. Grow Your Business: You’ve successfully started a business, developed products or services, and have a flow of customers, but, is stuck or not clear how to uplevel it to the next level. Kavitha will guide you develop key strategies for growing your business to the next level.

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