Here’s What clients have to say:

Akondaye Fountain

Akondaye is a licensed professional counselor - supervisor and dynamic speaker who has been empowering and uplifting listeners for years. The owner and founder of Fountain Counseling and Developmental Services (FCDS), which offers a variety of mental health, counseling and psychotherapy to children, adolescences and adults.  

Gurvinder is a master at what she does!

I am thrilled to endorse Gurvinder's coaching program. Gurvinder and I connected right off the bat. We've been working together over the past several months, and I can honestly say without a doubt that she is a master at what she does.

Gurvinder really takes the time to understand your unique needs, talents, and aspirations, and provide you the necessary tools and strategies to take your business to the next level.

Andrea Persono

Andrea is the founder of Simplitalian (22k+ followers on Instagram), a project that helps English Native speakers become fluent in Italian. 

I'm really glad of my collaboration with the moving there.

Back in February, I urgently needed someone who could help me out in developing my first online course, and I was lucky enough to meet Gurvinder. The communication with from the very beginning has always been smooth, great, and above my expectation.  Not only she created an amazing course layout, slides, the graphics are in line with my brand concept, but she also gave me so many tips and shared with me so many tricks to have a successful course launch. The project has been amazing and successful. And I'm really glad of my collaboration with Gurvinder.
I really hope that she will be available to work again with me for the next project. Ciao!

Gurvinder Kaur Feedback

Adam Taylor

Founder of Taylored Intensity, a Basketball Coaching University based in Chicago, US. Adam' has worked with  some of the most recognizable basketball minds in the world, including 

Tim Grover (Attack Athletics - trainer to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant & more) and Dan Barto (Director of NBA Player Development at IMG Academy).

Gurvinder is a Rockstar!!

She has been the perfect match for me. She is a rockstar. Very knowledgeable, talented and has great ideas. Great critical thinking ability to work through the limitations of the service I host my site on and has made my job so much easier and saved me a ton of time. Completely transparent and has strong communication skills. I feel lucky to have found her. I will be working with her for a long time to come!"

Janis Benstock

Founder of Settledown Philadelphia and Janis has helped Real Estate Brokers and Agents up level their business for more than 20 years now. She also teaches Real Estate at Temple University. 

She is the key to your success.

Hi, I'm Janis and I am an online course creator and I came to grey knowing absolutely nothing, except for the fact that I had a dream, I had a vision and I had this knowledge that I wanted to get out into the universe. And I didn't know anything. I have this saying, you don't know what you don't know. And I came to her with this vision, but absolutely no way to implement this plan.

And she has been with me through every step of the process from start to finish to the point where I now have a course that's viable, it's online, it's selling, I'm making a difference. I am promoting my knowledge and my field of expertise to the world and making all these amazing connections. And I'm making a living and she is incredible to work with.

She's not only somebody who knows her stuff and is organized and on top of things, but she's got empathy, which is something that I really needed because this was a journey. It's a creative process that had a lot of ups and downs and a lot of self discovery. And there were times when she was just much, much more than a, an online course creator.

She's my friend and my therapist, and she's my right hand, man, so to speak. So I felt like I wanted to recommend her to everybody. Now, I don't want to recommend her too highly because then you're going to take her away from me. But she is amazing. And I can't say enough good things about her. And if you want to reach out and talk to me directly and ask me any specific questions,

I'm more than happy to answer. I wish you all the best in your course and in everything you do. And if you're going to work with Guri, you've found the absolute right place because she is the key to your success. Take care.

Jahcyrus NG and Mia Love

Founder of Alkaline Vibes and Real Freedom With Love. Jahcyrus and Mia have helped so many people in the US heal from traumas and diseases. They are Reiki Healers based in California, US. Mia also helps people gain financial freedom. 

Anyone who works with Gurvinder will be satisfied.

"This was a beautiful experience, very helpful... She helped us to turn an E Book into a course. With Slides that gave more life to the course. Anyone who works with Gurvinder  will be satisfied. Also she help us out with the sales page, strategy and so many other things, we are grateful to work with her... Thank you so much for your understanding and keep helping people because they need you ... 🙏🏾"

Breana Puente

Founder of Convrtsocial. Breana has helped Real Estate Brokers and Agents up level their business for more than 20 years now. She also teaches Real Estate at Temple University. 

So I've been working with Guri for the past year or so on a personal passion project of mine. And I have to say that she totally changed my life. When she came on board, I was overwhelmed. I was frustrated and overextended trying to build my course because I had no direction. I had no idea what I was doing. I knew the information that I wanted to convey to my audience, but I didn't know how to put it together in a digestible format. 

When I partnered up with Gurvinder, she helps me to sit down and make sense of my process of my course of my teaching materials of my approach, to video and laying everything out for my audience. Um, she totally saved my life when it comes to this project. And I'm super grateful for her.

If you have something that you are really hoping to put into course formats, um, but you don't really know how to approach it. And you're overwhelmed just thinking about it, definitely partner up with Guri because she has the skills and the wherewithal to get everything in order for you and help you be successful with your own course projects.


From Colony Confidential

Gurvinder helped us on a Sales and Marketing Project to design workflow and plan for Digital Product Sales. She was prompt and efficient. She made good, useful recommendations to our project.

Stuart Webb

Founder of "Self Worth Management"

Gurvinder helped me on my Podia project. It couldn't have been completed quickly and thoroughly if it weren't for her.

Sandra Taylor

Founder of "Your Irish Family History". 

Gurvinder is great to work with.