Ep 12. How to hire your best-fit VA and train them for quick wins with Emily Reagan.

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On this episode, Emily Reagan, drops some value bombs for online entrepreneurs who are looking to hire VAs. She drops nuggets on how you can hire someone who can quickly become a part of your team and adapt to your values.

She also discusses skills that can make VAs earn some quick cash.

Emily Reagan is a jill-of-all trades when it comes to digital marketing and techie skills. She’s worked as a behind-the-scenes digital media implementer and virtual assistant for a decade for online biz owner clients. She’s a mom of four, Air Force wife, and founder of the Digital Media VA Crash Course, where she teaches women the digital marketing skills to get hired online as a unicorn virtual assistant in her Digital Media VA Crash Course.

Take a listen and do comment below your feedback. Here are a few links to Emily’s assets.

Free Digital Media VA Training Series >>

Insta> Free FB Group >>

Hire a Unicorn VA >>


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