Ep 11. How not to create an online course and avoid making a few other mistakes.

Rough Script:

If you’re listening to this episode, it’s possible that:

✅ You’re a new Course Creator or 

✅  You are planning to create an online course but don’t know how and where to begin, or 

✅ Maybe you have an online course but don’t know why it’s not getting results, as you may have expected before creating it.

Why do so many courses exist on one topic?

If they all include the best content for you, why do some don’t perform better, assuming the creator is both authentic and charming?

Let’s dive in:

Mistake 1: Giving too much importance to ONLY ONE VARIABLE of the equation.

Mistake 2: Not creating a course that is based on how humans learn.

One thing you must know, in 2020, creating a course just for the sake of creating one doesn’t work anymore.

a. Relying too much on GRAPHICS & COLORS!

b. Only talking head videos/or slides/.

c. Adding too many worksheets…that only adds to information overload and not learning.

Mistake 3: Creating course first before selling it or learning how to sell it.

Mistake 4: Creating too many courses.