Ep 10: 5 things new course creators should do when they are not launching their Online Course/Program.

Welcome back to the Guri show you guys. this episode is rather short because there’s a solid reason why I am doing so and I’ll let you know soon so just stay with me stay tuned and stay till the end of the episode.

This one is all about what you should do when you’re not launching.
Some entrepreneurs think that when they’re not launching they should just relax and forget about the people who engaged with their content but did not buy.
Some only focus on paid customers.

Only a few focus on the next steps. 

Now in this episode, I’m giving you a list of 5 things that you should do when you’re not launching especially if you’re a new course creator. 

Obviously, it’s not an exhaustive list. There’s so much more we can addd to this list but these 5 helped me a lot in my early days to stay on track and not get burnt out.

Ok so let’s dive in.

1. Stalk your followers & Your Competitor’s followers 

Choose 10 – 20 followers each week/month and research about them

  1. Do they follow anyone in your niche/industry?
  2. Do they follow your direct competitor?
  3. What facebook pages they like?
  4. How far do they live from you? – language barriers, income differences, cultural differences…
  5. Female/Male, Married/In relationship/Single/Divorced, Kids, Job..
  6. Are they active on Social Media?
  7. Stalk followers followers…what kind of content is making people follow them..

2. Create Listicles & How to’s :

5 things to _____ benefit/outcome/result

10 ways you can______

21 ways _____surprised us with _____

How to achieve ______with/without _______in 5 days(time bound)

When you are starting only focus on 3 or 5 steps/listicles…anything beyond might lead to stalling…and procrastination might pop in.

3. Pick up your FAV. content in #2 and re-purpose it

…for Instagram, IGTV, Pinterest, Email, Youtube Video, blog, podcast etc…Take your best clip from the video or phrase from the blog and use it for a different platform.

4. Create folders in Google Drive…

…and save relevant Facebook ads, social media posts, emails from people across the industry and other unrelated industries..keep track of who is launching a course in your industry  

5. Self-nurture…relax..meditate.. spend time with your family…have deep conversations…observe.

That’s all for now.

Let me know if you liked this list.

What do you do when you’re not launching your course or program?

Do comment below (if you’re reading)or leave a review(if you are listening).