Ep 7 Part 2: Making Money But Still Dissatisfied? This could be the reason.

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**Rough Script**

Ok, so this in continuation with the last episode. In part 1 I talked about the first subtopic of the main topic(Why most internet experts are still dissatisfied even when they are making incredible money)

I.e the feeling that you derive when you consume money and how it affects your happiness.

In today’s episode, I’ll cover the second sub-topic I.e the basic nature of everything including money and how the misconception is affecting your life.

And that goes like:

Everything is a flow concept if you look at a bigger picture. Everything is constantly moving forward.
Human life is constantly changing.
It has to change. That being said, earning money isn’t an issue at all. Because if you wish to have more of it, you will have more of it.

The issue is not that you can’t have more money, the issue is to let it go in order for it to stay in motion i.e keep coming to you.
And that is because “Money is a flow concept”.

so many people think that it is a stock concept which means that when it comes it has to be there.

I know that sounds naive, but it’s true.

Especially coaches that earn their first huge sum of money let’s say $10k, they feel now they have conquered everything, and that string because you have to let it go in order rot keep earn gin $10k every month.

Let me explain the flow concept from a macro view.

If you look at the bigger picture let’s say $1 million is injected in your economy and is distributed


And now imagine how money is flowing the same way in the entire world so many countries are doing transactions and you know buying and selling services in trading goods..

So the point that I’m trying to make is that people think that once a certain amount of money is going to come to them it’s going to change their life, it’s just going to change them as a person. It’s going to make them superstars or superhumans.

And this perception keeps people unhappy even when they are making tons of money because they are chasing a number.

Because you feel the money came and just went away and so it leaves you thinking why aren’t you happy even when you’re so better off than probably 70% of the world’s population.

Everything, if you look from a bigger perspective, is flowing.

I want to share something about me, the mere idea that earth is constantly moving has that fluttering feeling in my stomach, the type you get when you are about to jump off a cliff knowing that the net would pop.

So back to point:

You may be sad even though you have a lot of money because it’s possible that you’re not flowing. You are not moving forward. You are not growing as a person, as a human being.

Maybe because you’re chasing short term pleasures, maybe because you don’t know how to define happiness.

Maybe you are confusing joyfulness, blissfulness with happiness.

I know I have mentioned this in another episode, and I want to do it again, that our brain wants to have a congruent argument between our thoughts, beliefs, and our behavior, and actions.

So if we see ourselves doing the same things even with more money, we tell ourselves that nothing has really changed, and so what’s the point running after money.

The truth is: You earn money to be able to grow faster, to be able to do things for others.

However, if you are doing for more happiness, I’d like to think you can be happier even without tons of money, so the argument falls flat there.

Ok so now let me conclude everything for you…

if you want to be happier along with making more money, make sure you invest in yourself.

Here’s what I want you to do:

Take a pen, and open your journal, and write down 5 things you can do to become more healthy, more spiritual, more active, more skilled.

May be 5 habits or 5 activities, but write them down.

Remember there is no right or wrong answer and nobody is coming to read your journal so it’s all with you write down whatever comes to your mind at that moment.

Awesome now that you have done this exercise make sure that whenever you earn more money you do these things you add these things in your life or in your daily routine because if you’re not growing as a person you’re making more money it’s possible that you remain in your old state of mind of subtle sadness.

Disclaimer: I’m not a neuro…
Back in 2017, I stared doing mediation, and all the…..