Ep 9: Steps to creating an offer/sales post so you can sell more this holiday season.


Hey there everyone welcome back to The Guri Show I know I have been off for a while and haven’t been producing new episodes because I’ve been working for you know for 7 to 8 months non-stop day and night and it had gotten really really tiring.

I had gone to the and extent where I felt that you know I really need a long holiday and when I say holiday it’s not a travel vacay off to some beach.
I just wanted to take an off from work and spend some more time relaxing, to get rid of the shoulder and hip pain..

..but now I am back and I will be publishing more episodes more often & on a regular basis okay so stay tuned and I really appreciate those who have been listening to the already published episodes. 

Now today’s episode is for people who have just started their online business or are at a very nascent stage and want to sell more of their offers especially during this black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, New Year time, i.e this holiday season.

People at the nascent stage of their business feel frustrated because everyone else is creating amazing offers and here they are still wondering whether they should or should not create new offers. 

Some struggle to figure out what should go in their Black Friday or Cyber Monday offer. While others struggle to sell their already created offer. 

Most people find it difficult to sell their offer because they don’t know how to create offer posts that they can share on Instagram, inside their FB groups, or inside other FB Groups or send to their email list.

So today I’m giving you steps to create an offer post that’ll not only get you more sales but also make you feel more confident while selling your offer.

So now you no longer have to worry about how to create these fabulous sales posts that the experts in your niche are creating and posting that are getting them amazing sales. 

Do you feel how much valuable this can be for you?

If yes, stay tuned and listen to this episode till the end. 



Here we go:

Step #1: Get them interested. 

While creating a sales post make sure you begin with a statement that catches attention. 
I’m sure you’ve heard it before as well that write something that catches attention.

But what does it really mean?

It means you clearly specify the outcome or the benefit in an interesting way so it raises readers’ or viewers’ curiosity.

For eg:

  1. Are you aware you can lose 5 inches off of your waistline in just 60 days without hitting the gym?
  2. Did you know you could sell your online course without spending a penny?  

Obviously, it shouldn’t be clickbait…in the sense that there shouldn’t be a false promise.

Step #2:  Call out to who …basically your target audience. 

Eg: Women over 30, Women over 40, Women dealing with trauma, Women after childbirth, etc.

Step #3: Use an anchor – setting expectations

Eg: use a client testimonial/case study

This gets people not only more interested in your offer but also to trust you.

If you do not have previous testimonials then using something called a Price Anchor. 

Mention how much this is worth – or how much money this could save your audience. 

Step #4: Reason for doing so

Tell them why you are not charging that high as much as the value of your offer.

This builds trust and builds an emotional connect.

Step #5: What is on sale – Name etc

Step #6: A reason why you are selling this

Step #7: The details – What the offer is – the benefits 

Step #8: The bullets – the features 

Step #9: The cost

Step #10: Scarcity 

Eg: Valid for only 24 hrs
Valid till 30th Dec
Or valid on the first 10 enrollments/sign ups

Step #11: Bonus

Step #12: Added Bonus (Optional)

Eg: A special bonus for the first 10 subscribers, Special bonus for those who join within 5 hrs.

Step #13: 3 Downsides of inaction – compared to action

Eg: what they lose if they don’t avail your offer. What they gain if they purchase your offer.

Step #14: Repeated Scarcity 

Repeat what you mentioned in Step #10.