The Guri Show – Season 2 – Intro Episode

The Guri Show – Season 2 – Intro Episode

Hey everyone welcome to The Guri Show Podcast Season 2 …new episode drops every Wednesday.

This season is all about shifting perspectives, changing reality, breaking stereotypes, crushing down walls….

And yes we talk about strategy, we talk about tips, we talk about the “how-to”…

 ..and we also talk about the stereotypes and limiting believes that most entrepreneurs, coaches, course creators and visionaries face and navigate through in order to see the success they desire. 

If we are meeting for the first time, hey I’m Gurvinder, call me Guri, 

I help aspiring course creators, coaches, visionaries, experts of all niches,  with no online presence or knowledge of online marketing and sales go from scratch to consistently selling their online course/program/offer (whether they want it as a lucrative sideline or the main thing)

 I take them through the 6 phases step-by-step so that they can uplevel their online business and identity without fear and stress.

In this season I’m inviting experts from all the niches [that are also online course or program  creators] who have broken those walls for themselves with or without help and who are ready to share with you what it meant how it felt and how they were able to move past that phase.

I always say…

..that a lot of times it’s not the external but the internal that blocks our vision and hinders our growth …and in doing so it disarms us.

Often we don’t even know these blockers and blind spots.

So Join me and several experts on this journey where we will share with you not only the strategies and the so called juicy stuff but also the boring stuff [ that is actually life-changing] because when you change your subconscious you change your reality. 

so I want to share with you this interesting fact  that most of you might already be aware of…It’s that your  subconscious lives on patterns and programs 

 and what that does  or means is that your reality or your physical reality may change but you may be living and reliving the same patterns – and you can observe it in any part of your life – you may be successful and yet stressed out…you may be with the right person or partner still question yourself whether you deserve them or not or fighting on the same things from the previous relationship that actually led to your break up …so you are bringing up those same things in your new relationship…..and this can be applied to any part of  your life ….having same problems back to back with your VAs etc.  

The interesting thing that I want to point out here is that you might be making $10,000 a month ..or you might be working with the dream client or dream VA that you have worked super hard to get to or that you’ve waited months to manifest in your life …. But you still be  living a miserable life…and that’s because you are primed for misery…you are programmed to live a miserable life…you can apply this concept to any part of your life to see 

What self-sabotage is doing to you and your life despite lots of positive development in various areas. 

…and this inspired me to put up “breaking stereotypes” as the theme for season 2…because I want you to grow on all the fronts – financial, strategic, and personal. 

 Now…most of these beliefs were programmed into our subconscious when we were young…..and growing up they have become so strong that they have become common beliefs or stereotypes that people now often believe to be true under all circumstances. 

And when that happens …breaking them or changing them to get to your desired destination becomes super difficult…because how can you change something that is generally accepted as TRUE or RIGHT…and your can fight others but how can you fight your own mind?

It’s like you are fighting two enemies on the same battle from the other side and one from the inside. 

A lot of times it’s easier to fight the enemy across from you…but it’s difficult to root out the inside one.  

And that’s what keeps most people stuck…

I want to share an interesting story with you..

I grew up in an environment where entrepreneurship was a long shot for men…forget about women.

Growing up I was taught that the best career for women is teaching…

So l pursued it.

marketing Podcast
The Guri Show Podcast For Course Creators, Coaches, and visionaries.

But I clearly remember the impact of the speech I got from my head of department  on my first day on the job as an economics teacher – back in 2010 – it went something like – I don’t exactly remember – I remember the gist – and it was that the students must respect you – students must be terrified of you – your impact should be so profound that the moment you enter the class students go in pin drop silence so that they can focus on the studies…..and I remember thinking like I’m way far from something that can terify people, lol…

So I tried to fit in for sometime but it didn’t just work out for me…I felt uneasy in shaming students for not studying- because I believed as a teacher my job was to teach and not do moral coaching….I mean sure if it cones natural – sure if anyway my words of wisdom could help  ..but I realized early on in my teaching career that I wasn’t that kind of person who would scold someone for arriving late in the class…..I agree that school students need some character building but I figured the profile just wasn’t for me….I would rather teach someone by building context to reality and by showing my real self and then just allow them to grow from there because that’s exactly how humans are meant to grow….

So that’s the first stereotype I broke in my professional life – I took it to not acting up traits that society wants teachers to put on  – I showed up as an empathetic and compassionate and kind person that I am who wanted to to show students that studies needed to be looked upon as having the ability to provide life-changing experiences that can shape their future and not just as a way to  belong to the honor roll,

  the down side was YES a lot of times students did take me lightly..the principal Called me in a few times to moral lecture me on how to become a stronger person..I do however remember that the students who could see through my intention showered me with love and respect. 

I gave up school teaching for the very reasons – and I took up private coaching where I knew I had some room for showing up as a real person. 

….so that’s a quicky for ya..

I did came face to face with many hidden in the back of my mind stereotypical beliefs when I started my entrepreneurial journey because coming from a employee mindset and shifting to a CEO mindset seems like eating an ice cream but it ain’t nothing like that……I  face some even today and I’m more than happy to embrace them fact, now I even look forward to meeting them because I know now that sooner I come across them faster I can reach my goals by either reframing those beliefs oe completely crushing them down..


That’s exactly what we are gping to unwrap on this journey..

So thank you for listening to me

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