Why I prefer a Video Series Launch over a Webinar Launch.

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**Rough Script**

Imagine Taylor whose planning to sell her online Course on Graphic designing, but has zero audiences. She gets inspired by one of her competitor, who is doing pretty great in her business, and plans to do a webinar launch just like her competitor,

She picks on the topic that not only seems intriguing but also converting to her.

She joins several FB groups and starts promoting her webinar.

To make it lucrative for people to sign up for her webinar she also offers them few canva templates.

To her surprise, 50 people signed up!

She was excited!

On the day of the webinar, something happened that changed the way she looked at webinars.

Want to know what happened?

Stay tuned.

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So back to the story!

So this happened!

Only 10 people actually joined her live session, which is actually good for a LIVE webinar, not only because that’s a 20% show-up rate, but also because this was her first webinar.

Unfortunately, the webinar bombed as you may have expected!

For the following reasons

Her topic didn’t resonate
She spent too much time on TEACHING!
She pitched at the wrong time.

Now let me explain what actually went wrong

She picked up a topic that was not STRATEGIC but INFORMATIONAL.

People Iove strategy, people love mistakes, people love secrets, they don’t love INFORMATION.

And by the information I mean “How-to” content.
And so if you want to persuade someone to use the former three. Do the same if you have an absolutely new audience.

However, if you have an engaged audience then you can obviously provide how-yo content as well.

In fact, in my own group, I do some advanced training once in a while that are completely how-tos.

2. She spent too much time teaching, and NOT on RAPPORT BUILDING.

People will buy from you if they trust you, like you, and find your CREDIBLE.

People want to be taught only after paying, they are wired for paid learning. The idea of free education just doesn’t seem effective.

3. By the time she pitched, only 2 people were left, unfortunately, none of them bought her course!
Now the idea behind sharing this story with you is not to make you feel that webinars don’t work, because they do!

But to give you a better option so not only you can convert more but also have enough time to build relationships.

And here’s why I prefer a video series launch over a webinar launch especially if you’re a newbie or if you’re selling a high ticket product.

Pros of a video series launch:

Gives you enough time to share the content acc to the customer journey and take your audience on that journey with you.
Gives you enough time to have conversations (if you want to inside a Fb group)
Gives you enough time to create demand for your offer before you actually bring it out on the table.
Gives you enough time to Teach.
Gives you enough time to cover all the elements instead of just focusing on just one aspect the way you’d do on a webinar.
ideally, you start with introducing yourself, and then your mission, your story
Enough time to shift perspective, really hook your audience and
You can refine your sales pitch because it’s done on the last day.

If you were to remake a movie on “The Morning Show” the able TV web series, that stars “Steve Carell”, “Jennifer Aniston”, “Reese Witherspoon” What parts would you add or delete?

Videos Series is two things:

A rookie’s savior
High ticket sellers savor


Webinars allow you to keep the “urgency” high so people act now.
Webinars allow you to get more sales in less time if you plan and execute the, properly.

However, if you don’t want to seem pushy and want to spend more time building relationships and create demand for your methodology, a video series is a better choice because to gives you enough time to convey your vision.

In webinars people act out of emotion, they feel they have to buy the product then and there otherwise the offer is gone. They don’t think much. Good news you can easily persuade people to pay you.

In a video series launch, you wait for people to resonate with your messaging, you help them understand that yes this it’s what they need.

And even though a webinar might get you more sales, a video series launch helps you get more loyal, and long term clients.

Bottom line:

A video series is an 800m race, while A webinar is like a 100m race. Both ask for e an engaged audience, strategy, resilience, and strength, however, a 100m keeps your audience’s heart-pounding, while an 800m your audience motivated.

People buy both when they are motivated, and when they are in a rush(they think something is scarce and they should act now or they’ll lose it forever, that’s the primary emotion behind the purchase).